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We go the Distance to make a Difference

Sustainable change occurs most often when people living in the mist of the storm collectively find ways to make a change.

Present Challenges
A glimps of the Southside of Winston-Salem

The center's primary focus will point to the issues of the southeastern ward of Winston-Salem and continue to establish itself to have the capacity to assist other agencies throughout Winston Salem. Just within a five mile radius of our center there are over 3,200 single parent families with school aged children, there are over 2,600 school age children who are uninsured, eligible for Medicaid or reduced school lunch program.

The Southeastern Ward of Winston-Salem has about nine impoverish communities in which there are over one thousand four hundred at-risk teens and young adults who hang out in the neighborhood and learn street habits that lead to substance abuse, teen-pregnancy, gang involvement, STDs, incarceration, school expulsion and dropout. Over 65% of them live in single parent households, over 70% have behavior problems that effect their social interactions, 80% has disciplinary problems at school, over 22% of teenage girls have at least one child and there is over 40% who are old enough to work a part time job who are not employed because they have no marketable skills.

Whole Man Ministries
3916 Old Lexington Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27107